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Carpet Cleaning from Local Expert with Spotless Flooring 832-829-9914

The real estate market is at a peak right now and many families are moving. Among those purchases more than 65% will have carpeted flooring in them. If you’re considering a new home, consider these valuable lessons from someone who learned the hard way. Take a moment to watch our video or read through this and learn a simple lesson from mistakes others have made. This way you save yourself many hours of grief and effort.

This home was purchased right here in League City by a caring family of four. The mom wanted to have the carpet cleaned before moving furniture into the bedrooms (good idea). She then decided to take it onto herself to clean the carpeted bedrooms with a DIY carpet cleaning machine (bad idea).

She told us how she vacuumed the room 3 times before starting with the carpet cleaning machine. And each time she vacuumed, it would fill with dog hair. Then she ran the cleaning machine over the carpet and collected some very dirty water, clogged her machine with dog hair, and left the carpet soaked for hours.

The following day she tried again to clean the carpet but only failed in the same exact ways as the day before. Now the problems multiply. The soggy carpet became smelly, horribly smelly, the sour smell of dog from the previous owner filled the house, and she has wasted hours of time and effort making things worse. So to seal the deal and fix it all she called a local carpet cleaner.

The family scheduled an appointment with Spotless Flooring two weeks after moving in. The same day the cleaning was completed. Although it took a few hours to get everything done in just a few rooms, the carpet was truly clean. The soggy wet dog stench was gone and the carpet was dry within just a few hours.

Among the dirty carpet the cleaners found a couple of sewing needles. These needles are long and dangerous. We were just happy to see the needles out of the carpet and not in someone’s foot. Throughout the cleaning, the carpet had very distinct lines where the carpet was still dirty and where it had already been cleaned.


Lessons Learned Here: If you really want the carpet cleaned fully, truly, and thoroughly call a professional carpet cleaner in League City. Save yourself the trouble of learning the hard way, have the professionals do what they are good at.


Spotless Flooring  Call today at 832-829-9914

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