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Including the Family in Thanksgiving Meal Planning

Last minute Thanksgiving tips and ways to include the kids from Texas Home Shop Realty

*Use craft paper for a table cloth and have everyone write down what they are thankful for.  Kids of all ages will have fun doodling.  Take a picture of the final product for lasting memories.

*Table setting. Kids of all ages love crafts. … Ask your kids to make place mats, centerpieces and/or name tents for your Thanksgiving table.  Check out these fun printables!

*Meal preparation. … Is there something new your children would like to try? Assign (and supervise) everyone an age-appropriate task for each dish.  Here are some simple guidelines for including kids in the kitchen found from

-3 years old: Put muffin cups in tins, count ingredients

-4 years old: Crack and beat eggs, stir ingredients

-6 years old: Use can opener or grater

-8 years old: Measure and mix ingredients

-10 years old: Peel, cut and chop fruits and vegetables

-12+ years old:  Follow recipes, insert and remove food from oven

*Greeting guests. … Have your kids greet your guest maybe even put the older ones in charge of making an itinerary for the evening.

*Meal blessing. …Ask your kids to come up with a special Thanksgiving Blessing that everyone can get into.

*Dinner games and conversation starters. Get some great Thanksgiving game ideas and have everyone come to the table without their phones.  Check out this post from Invite and delight:

Don’t forget to:

*Brine the turkey and put it in an ice chest so that you can save room in your fridge

*Chill the wine no worries by putting a handful of salt in a bucket of water and ice to chill wine in a fraction of the time

Meet Devon Price, Executive Assistant Texas Home Shop Realty

Devon has been in real estate for two years and specializes in home staging and real estate photography.  Her attention to detail, customer service and hospitality sets Devon above the rest when it comes to party and event planning…. she was, after all, a wedding coordinator for ten years before transitioning into real estate.  Devon’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving where she can impress her guests with her cooking skills and host a fantastic and family friendly dinner party.  She says Thanksgiving is her way of showing her loved ones that she is truly thankful.


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