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5 Steps to a Ready to Sell House

5 Steps to a Ready to Sell House

  • Declutter everything! Room by room empty, prioritize and reorganize.  Here’s what we mean
    • Pull everything out… especially surfaces but drawers and cabinets should be decluttered as well.
    • Prioritize… Ask yourself: Do I use this every day? Do I use this once a week?  What is this?  Give priority objects the space they deserve while tossing or packing the rest.  Packing starts NOW!
    • Reorganize… Have you been using your office as a storage area? Or your guest room as a craft room?  Repurpose your space to sell by reorganizing the items within that space.

  • Make your space light and bright! Bright rooms appeal to the masses, make your space look larger and a fresh coat of paint gives the impression that your home is clean and cared for.  Don’t neglect the trim!

  • Empty Closets… Packing starts NOW! Did I say that already?  Well, it needs to be said again!  One of the most common complaints I hear from potential buyers is that the home “doesn’t have enough storage.”  Prove that your home can meet the storage demands of the buyer by having clean, orderly closets with room to spare.

  • Don’t forget the outside! All of the decluttering and cleaning rules apply to the exterior of your home as well.  According to HGTV, 63% of people who view a home online will drive by the home before requesting an appointment to see it.  If the curb appeal is lacking, it is unlikely that the buyer will even have an opportunity to view it.  For a fun project that can be done in a day, check out our post on choosing a front door color!


  • Tackle the Honey Do List now… do you have a missing cabinet pull? Has that hinge been broken for a while?  Is it time to replace the air filters?  What about patching those nail holes?  Once your home is under contract, those things will come up in a home inspection and will have to be done.  Doing them now could save you time and even money!  Homes with defects visible to the untrained eye will bring lower prices and these defects found during the inspection period could scare your buyer off.

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